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Should you move from Dedicated hosting to Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is transforming not just the hosting industry but creating waves the world over but does this mean you should move from Dedicated hosting to the cloud? What are some important things you...

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When Should Managed Web Hosting be considered?

Managed hosting means outsourcing your business’ technical requirements. Someone needs to manage it on behalf of you. You can both choose to hire an in-house team or outsource this job to someone and ...

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10 Uses For Dedicated Servers

So, you’ve invested big money to get yourself dedicated server hosting. You’ve got the expertise, you’ve hired the right people, you’ve got the infrastructure for it? We’re here to tell you the many w...

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Why Free Web-Hosting Should Never Really Be An Option

Who doesn’t love a free anything? I’m sure you do. Honestly, I love freebies. Although, not everything free is good for you. Why, you ask? I’d like to talk about how people opt for a ‘free’ web-hostin...

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The Right Time to Shift to a VPS Hosting Package

Have you ever contemplated the fact that your hosting is not able to meet the demands of your ever-growing enterprise? Here are a few reasons why you should opt for a VPS package...

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Security Beat: Best Practices for Website Security

more than 1.5 Million people fall prey to cyber crime every day, that breaks down to 18 people per second. Cyber criminals use exceedingly effective computer software programs that automatically detec...

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